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Our Team

About Dr. Allison Lind

Dr. Allison Lind Wiedman has over 20 years experience in the athletic community both as an elite athlete and a physical therapy professional.  She began running at age 10, eventually securing a full track and field scholarship to Florida State University. In 2004, Allison graduated magna cum laude with a degree in biology while earning All-American honors in the 5000m track event and cross country.  After college she moved to New York, where she began running marathons while studying at the Columbia University School of Physical Therapy.

Since receiving her doctorate in Physical Therapy with honors from Columbia in 2008, Allison has practiced with a focus on sports injuries and rehabilitation.  She continues to compete on the elite level in marathons and as well as triathlons.  She has completed the New York City, Philadelphia and Virginia marathons with a Personal Best of 2:55.  In addition, Allison is one of the top amateur triathletes in the US and raced in the prestigious Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii in 2010 and 2012 finishing top in her age group.

Allison’s experience as a collegiate and post-collegiate elite athlete provides a unique platform for diagnosing and treating other athletes.  Her lifetime of intense training, access to the world’s finest rehab facilities and athletes, and years of studying and working with the best in the field have combined to make her one of the most sought after sports focused and orthopedic physical therapists in NYC.


Triathlon and Marathon Achievements

Dr. Allison Lind Wiedman earned All-American honors in cross county and indoor track for the 5k.  Post collegiately, she boosts a marathon personal best of 2:55 and half marathon best of 1:20.  After transitioning into multi-sports, she competed in triathlons on an elite level.  Allison is often at the top of the podium in her age group and as the overall female.  She has won Ironman St. Croix 70.3 twice which qualified and allowed her to compete and finish in the top of her age group for the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Race Results

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About Dr. Daniel Rofe, PT, DPT


“There’s a right and a wrong way to move”

An avid hockey player for years, Daniel Rofe decided early on to parlay his love of performance enhancement and injury avoidance/treatment into a medical career. After graduating with a doctorate of physical therapy, Dan went on to perform clinical work at both the Cornell Weill Medical Center at New York city’s prestigious Presbyterian Hospital and has worked in sports therapy for several years.

Having a keen interest in orthopedics, wellness and nutrition, he has long been a proponent of melding the three to achieve overall fitness. He believes that patient education is key and that long-term health and vitality comes from empowering the

individual with the right information. To that end, Daniel actively partners with his patients, providing an individualized regimen that stresses the return of full physical function through proper movement techniques and exercises.

“I’m here to make sure that my clients stay injury free and (if injured) help them heal in the quickest, most effective way possible.”

About Karen Senko, PT, DPT

Karen Senko, PT, DPT, uses a variety of manual therapies and movement techniques to change how clients, so they can achieve their fitness goals. Through clinical affiliations at Bradley and Monson, Duffy and Bracken, Cooper’s Kids and Downstate Medical Center, she gained experience in rehabilitative exercise for both neuromuscular and musculoskeletal injuries (including joint replacements, myofascial syndrome/fibromyalgia, back pain and central nervous system disorders), postural realignment, muscle imbalances and general strengthening. She was also a Senior Pilates Instructor for Equinox Gyms, taught ballet and modern throughout the U.S. and Europe, and was a professional dancer. Karen is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Hunter College’s Dance Department to teaching alternative movement theories, anatomy and kinesiology.

Karen holds a Doctoral of Physical Therapy from SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Pilates Certification from the Kane School of Core Integration and a BA in Psychology and Drama with Honors in Theater History and Dance (including being the first recipient of the Sandra Day O’Connor Cap and Gown Scholarship) from Stanford University. She studied anatomy and kinesiology with Irene Dowd, Pilates with Kelly Kane and Shelly Studenberg, and dance with Christine Wright and Zvi Gottheiner. She also has experience in Feldenkrais, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Training (PNF), and neuromuscular, pelvic floor and postpartum dysfunctions.

In her spare time, Karen enjoys spending time with her family, doing KenKen puzzles, kayaking and figuring out why people move as they do.